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We are a lean, outsorcing partner devoted to provide all value chain and business direction from product conception to service post sale.

Our offices provide you the services where you need expertise, speed, and/or competitive cost, fitting the Business Plan as your request.

Since (but not limited to) find the market milestone, create the product/service concept, scientific R & D, design, fulfill the USPTO and IMPI patent/trade mark formalities and oppositions, prototypes, outsorcing or desing the production/fabrication process, ramp-up, publicity, sales and service.


To be a company with presence in the entire American continent that by means of Scientific, Professionals and Technical services participates with exit ...


To become a recognized company in the American Continent like creator of new processes, sustainable, economic, and creative products and services of adding value.


To work under the concepts of technology development, total quality, trustworthiness and service to our clients. To generate in the associate of Santos Valley a sense of ...


Market segments in the short, medium and long term:


OEMs and suppliers to both the domestic market and export.



Maquiladora export.



For both the domestic market as exports.



For both the domestic market as exports.


Of organic and sustainable food

designed to suit the Mexican.


Business Services in Mexico

For both the domestic market and export


Information technology

Telecommunications and software in Mexico; both domestically and for export.



Expansions of the market to the rest of Latin America


Products and Services

Offered to market first Mexican and American early-stage and later the Latin American market:

Product Design and Patents

Outsourcing or assembly drawings, service product and process designs, inventions...

Process designs and patents

Process designs, inventions, prototypes, lay-outs, machines, tools, processes...

Factory, Plant Design

The concept is to use the latest green techniques on building and develop...


The company has licenses in order to exert their function.

Designs and Patents

We offer a network of Scientific, Professionals...

Market milestones, Scientific Research and Development, Design, Re-design to region tropicalization, development and evolution of new processes, products, parts, and services.

We offer a network of Scientific, Professionals, Academics, Technicians mainly from north of Mexico and south of the USA, high tech as required but competitive cost.

Listen the market, scientific research, design, development and evolution of new processes, products, parts, and services.

Full CV


Quality Assurance Manager 1995-2000:

Tyco, CII Technologies, Kilovac relays for defense. General Instrument-Motorola semiconductors and television cable equipment, Xircom and ADC network connectivity products. Read more

Production Manager 1977-1982:

Ramp up from 4 - 8 units/day. Work assignments, Quality verification, budget establishment and tracking, design blue prints knowledge and interpreting, Personal recruiting, Overtime authorization, Firs, Second and Third Shifts Supervision. Read more

General Manager 1987-1995, 2001-2007:

Leister hot air tools, ARO pumps and tools, Aeroquip high pressure hoses, Mattel, Hasbro, and Sega. Magnetek electric motors. Read more

Industrial Engineering, University of Sonora 1973-1977

Design Blue Prints Interpreting ASME Y14.5M Kenworth 1978. Computer Skills: Excel, Word, Lotus Notes, Minitab (Six Sigma). Read more


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